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Excellent Traverse City Extractions

Unlike most dentists that restore dental implants, Dr. Hutchison performs the actual extractions for Traverse City patients. It is truly advantageous for patients to have both implant phases – surgical placement and restoration – provided by one dentist, who can ensure total control of every minute detail. Additionally, Dr. Hutchison can perform procedures such as wisdom teeth removal or other complicated extractions, as a part of his dental services.

Your Dentist Performs Extractions

Imagine Dr. Hutchison’s Traverse City, MI extractions as a building site for a new house. He would begin by laying the foundation for the new construction, making sure it is completely stable and level (extractions). After creating a satisfactory foundation, he would begin with the new home construction, overseeing every phase of building until the completed site was perfect (placing implants, crowns, veneers, or other restorative procedures). Placing dental implants is a complex operation that requires precision, which Dr. Hutchison is in full control of since he serves as a surgeon and a restorative dentist.

For your total dental care, very few dentists can compete with the remarkable skills and services offered by dentist Dr. Hutchison. Put your teeth in the best care and call about a dentist who can perform extractions in Traverse City today.

Providing care for Traverse City extractions.

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