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Metal Free (Composite) Fillings

Elk Rapids Dentistry Metal-Free Fillings Before & AfterWhat do you really want in a filling? If you want a restoration that restores the original strength of the tooth while maintaining the most amount of natural, finite tooth structure, composite (metal free) fillings are for you. Our practice utilizes bonding to fuse composite filling material with teeth, so teeth do not need to be drilled beyond their decay. Composite fillings are incredibly strong because of their advanced bonding properties.


Most people would agree that tooth-colored, metal-free fillings are more aesthetically pleasing as well. The same teeth look drastically better with composite fillings versus the alternative, which compliment your entire mouth. 

Providing Elk Rapids area dentistry services to Traverse City, MI. 

Dr. Hutchison hasn't
placed a harmful metal
filling in 23 years!