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Superb Neuromuscular Dentures in Traverse City

Traverse City Dentures Before & AfterWhen full mouth rehabilitation is not an option, replacing teeth with dentures can be a challenge, for which Dr. Hutchison turns to the neuromuscular method. The dentists at Associates in Family Dentistry study the way your face, bone and muscle tissues work together, in order to mimic your ideal natural function in dentures. Dental prosthetics made this way create the most natural, functional and best-fitting dentures possible.

Some doctors take an efficient approach to designing dentures in Traverse City. Acting quickly may create dentures in a timely fashion, but we prefer to spend a little more time on creating the best fit and most natural denture that you will love wearing day in and day out. Drs. Hutchison have superb continuing education that enables them to deeply understand all processes involved in creating both full and partial dentures that fit and function wonderfully.

If you are considering dentures in Traverse City, know that they are as good as the dentist who provides them. It is worth your while to seek a patient, qualified dentist with high standards for dentures, such as Dr. Hutchison. A service as important as dentures or full mouth rehabilitation, you deserve the best care! Call our office today.

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