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Youthful Traverse City Teeth Whitening

Traverse City Zoom Teeth Whitening Before & AfterAny smile can easily become more attractive with some professional teeth whitening, but not every whitening method is right for every patient. Dr. Hutchison will work with you to determine your cause of discoloration and learn your preferences and expectations from teeth whitening.  We have been impressed with at-home method, using professional strength white strips.  It has been our experience that your teeth will become several shades brighter. Enjoy an easy, safe and professional result that puts sparkle in your smile and a spring in your step.

For certain types of tooth discoloration, porcelain veneers, or metal-free fillings may provide you a lasting solution for a bright, beautiful smile! Call us today about our teeth whitening in Traverse City.

Our professional
whitening brightens
all of your teeth!